LYFE 365




  1. Stop Waiting
    01 Nov, 2015
    Stop Waiting
    f you wait until you know beyond a shadow of a doubt, if you have to be absolutely convinced, or if you need to be completely reassured that you are 100% correct before you step out, you have likely waited too late. Great risk yields great reward! Don’t be afraid to be the first one to do something. Don’t get stuck waiting for others to see your dream, confirm your dream, or approve your dream. These are things we seek out of fear and self-doubt. Pioneers, visionaries, innovators, and
  2. Confident Trust
    29 Oct, 2015
    Confident Trust
    With God the opposite of knowing is trust. We are not lacking answers we are building trust. Frustration, anger, and demands for knowledge often cloud the answers that follow solid trust and obedient surrender. Accept what God allows and trust His purposes to be revealed. God is equally concerned with the process and the outcome. When my way is dark, I will trust. When I don’t understand, I will trust. When it seems too difficult, I will trust. When consequences are closing in, I will trust.
  3. True Humility
    18 Oct, 2015
    True Humility
    It has often been said that if you think that you are humble then you likely are not. Unfortunately, I heard the warning, ignored the helpful hint and assumed myself to be growing in humility—missing all of the signs.  I was always careful to give God the credit for any good in my life. I even suffered quite a few injustices and took far less than deserved without making a fuss. However, if you looked closely at the marquee of my life though you would find God’s name in lights, you would also
  4. How Are You Living?
    16 Oct, 2015
    How Are You Living?
    The thief only comes to steal, kill, and destroy. I came that they may have life, and may have it abundantly. John 10:10 Clearly, we are made for abundant living. The world around us and God’s power in us says that we can do the impossible.The Bible declares that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. Though there are some who dispute the Bible, the world that we live in bears witness to its truth. Mere mortal men have created everything from the social sites that consume us, to the planes that


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